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News & Feed

With feed and daily posts, everyone is up to date on what is happening in terms of news, new measures, daily messages, changes or new goals to be achieved. This is also where you can share your experiences and the good news with your colleagues. so that everyone is included and a part of what is happening in the company right now. This is the heart of the employee portal.

Chat and Messaging

With the chat and messenger module, you get a completely new method to communicate directly or to selected groups and teams in the company. No more slow e-mail, SMS or the message board, but direct communication here and now. It is efficient and lightning fast.


Workgroups are flexible “workspaces” where selected teams, shifts, departments or employees can have access to information and communication about specific groups or topics.

You can create as many workgroups you want and the use-cases are many. Workgroups can be open for everyone or closed for a select group, department or location.


With the file and document archive, you can share all types of files and documents to the mobile – from word to PDF. No more printing, or sharing via e-mail, or documents that are not updated – but instead efficient access to files and documents for everyone.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge and know-how are very important to share with everyone throughout the company and with our knowledge library you can share all kinds of knowledge in the form of folders, articles and attachments.

With functions such as comments and additions, the company’s knowledge is continuously expanded and collected from all employees. All to the great benefit of employees, better working environment, customer service and efficiency.

Employee Handbooks

Put the employee handbook digitally on the mobile and give everyone access to the organization policies, rules and guidelines. It provides useful insight for everyone and gives everyone access to the always current information.

This module can also be used to help onboarding new employees, who can quickly find new employee related information about their workplace and organization.

Organization & Contactbook

Full overview of the company’s entire organization and structure, as well as information on all employees, departments, teams and locations in the company. All contact information for colleagues and numbers are always at hand – and always updated.

Customize the portal to your needs with a few clicks.

The portal can be completely adapted to the company’s needs and wishes. This means that all modules and functions can be enabled or disabled, so that you get exactly the app and the content that fit your orgnization.

Need more portals? No problem, create multiple portals with ease.

ZimaOne Workplace supports multiple portals within the same app, so if a portal is needed for the board, external partners, dealers, this can be created easily and quickly.

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