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Shop, Retail- & Franchise

With an employee app, you can build a central employee portal that reaches everyone – and especially those who do not have access to a computer.

An employee app that reaches all employees regardless of where they are

Within Store, Retail and Chain concepts, most employees do not have access to a computer and therefore an employee app makes a lot of sense and a lot of benefits. Everyone is now connected and has access to information, communication and knowledge directly on the mobile. An efficient and modern solution to optimize collaboration.

The daily feed keeps everyone updated on what is happening right now

The daily feed contains all the important information and news on a daily basis that relate to one’s work, both focused and targeted, but also more general information and news. This is also where you can share your own experiences and thereby create a social meeting place with your colleagues for better unity and team spirit.

Communication with and between all employees results in more effective daily collaboration

With the message system and work groups, you can communicate and send information, messages, files and documents directly to employees via the employee app. It allows you to communicate directly in real time and without the hassle of SMS or e-mail. It is fast, efficient and smart – and saves a lot of time.

Always access to knowledge, manuals and brand information

With the knowledge library, everyone has access to important knowledge about the brand or the company – and thus has access to manuals, procedures, processors and personnel policies. Here you can also put the entire franchise handbook if you are a franchise concept. Always access to knowledge, updated and searchable for everyone.

Engage and involve all employees to win

Create winning teams and ensure that all employees are involved and have access and influence in their everyday lives. With a social worker app at your fingertips, everyone is part of building winning teams. This can be seen in employee satisfaction and the company’s bottom line.

Is the company a franchise concept?

Then ZimaOne® is a good choice as a digital gateway to the entire franchise system with communication, information and knowledge sharing. Give access to all franchisees and create a portal for effective collaboration where knowledge is communicated and shared across systems, time and place. It offers plenty of opportunities to build a strong franchise concept that reaches out to everyone.

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