ZimaOne Workplace

We connect people, knowledge and organization.


Reach out to all employees at the construction sites and significantly optimize the work process, collaboration, and information flow. This will make everyone a much closer part of the company in a completely new, exciting, and inclusive way.

The news feed provides all employees with information about what is happening right now in the company and the projects

The daily feed provides access to news and information about what is happening in the company, the projects and with the colleagues. This is where the daily news stream and important announcements go out to everyone. Everyone can thus be part of the community and be involved in daily life in a completely new way. It’s a bit like Facebook, only professional.

Direct communication with and between all employees

With the chat and message system, it is easy to communicate with and between all employees. Pictures, messages, drawings or clarifying questions can be sent quickly. Everything happens in real time directly on the employee’s mobile phone.

Work groups and work teams are targeted information for the employees who work on the various projects, cases and departments

Work groups and work teams are flexible spaces where selected or all employees can have access to specific information such as cases or the projects they are working on. It is targeted information for the right employees.

Share knowledge and know-how between everyone in the company

With the knowledge library, you can build and provide access to important knowledge that helps employees to be up-to-date and helps to increase safety, build more efficiently and achieve a higher quality. All something that can be measured on the bottom line.

The employee handbook right at your fingertips

With the personnel handbook directly on the mobile, there is no longer any doubt about the company’s policies. The entire personnel handbook is now digital and organized in folders and articles to easily find what you need. Fully searchable.

Find information about your organization and your colleagues

With the organization module, it is possible to find information about all your colleagues such as telephone, e-mail and other useful information.

You can also find information about the organization, such as locations, departments, both internal and external departments. Everything is at hand, efficient, fast and easy.

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