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Customer Use Cases


Communication and building a social community among our many drivers.

Truck operator Ernst Jacobsen A/S has chosen the ZimaOne® platform to reach and connect the many drivers with daily communication, knowledge sharing and document sharing. With an employee app that contains all the important papers, knowledge and communication, it has become much easier to keep drivers updated when they are on the road and out making deliveries and pickups. Important information now flows smoothly and without interruption.


In addition, a social community is also created with and between all employees in a completely new way, so that everyone becomes a part of the “family” and company.


A solution that has both effective tools in everyday life and at the same time a social application as well.


Infoscreens helps our employees staying up to date and makes it easy to share information from head office.

We are experiencing strong growth in the company and with more than 130+ employees and new ones coming in all the time, it has been a challenge to inform all employees about what is happening in the company and keep everyone up-to-date.


With info screens located in different areas of the company, we can share information with all our employees quickly and efficiently. It has now become easier to inform about latest news, activities, who is out of the house, birthdays and anniversaries, or what is served in the canteen.


We have also set up an infoscreen in the reception, so that our guests of the house can see videos and information about the company when they arrive.


Strong communication channel and where to find our documentation.

We needed more flexible communication with our employees who are on the move every day. With zimaone workplace, we can send messages to the phone with new tasks and internal messages quickly and easily – it saves us from calling and disturbing unnecessarily.


Another extra good function we use a lot is that we can easily share technical documents or project files directly to the employee’s phone when they are out with the customer. In this way, they always have access to project documents without using access to a PC or workstation – and in fact many of our employees do not have access to a PC or workstation at all.


Keeping everyone updated on project changes.

We use ZimaOne® to run our construction projects in the cloud, where we can share documents, activities and project data with our hard working employees. With both a web and app version, everyone can access project information regardless of time and place, thereby minimizing the risk of errors that can cost a lot of money to correct later. Everyone is always informed about changes and new information on our many projects.

All in all, it is very user-friendly and there is no need to provide any special support for new users.

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