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Transportation & Logistics

Reach and connect all employees throughout the organization – including those who are on the move or working in the warehouse. Everyone can now be part of the company in a completely new and exciting way.

The employee app that includes all employees in the entire organization

With the transport and logistics company’s own employee app, you can now reach all employees who work in the warehouse, at the central office or are on the move out with customers and on the roads. With the help of the company’s own employee app, you can now include these employees in the company’s daily life in a completely new, exciting and modern way.

Instant communication with drivers and employees at the warehouse

With the chat and message system, you can now communicate and send information, files and documents directly to employees via the employee app. It allows you to communicate directly in real time and without the hassle of SMS or e-mail. It is fast, efficient and smart – and saves a lot of time and reduces the possibility of incorrect information.

Always access to knowledge and information

Share knowledge about security, customer information, handling, processor and much more. With the knowledge library, you always have access to knowledge articles of every kind and type. It can be built up as you wish with leaflets and articles, as well as comments, so that the company’s knowledge is expanded in step with experience and know-how.

The employee handbook always available

With the personnel handbook directly on the mobile, there is no longer any doubt about the company’s policies and procedures. The entire personnel handbook is now digital – and organized into categories and articles to easily find what you need. Everyone is informed about the company’s personnel policies.

Overview of the entire organization

With the people and organization module, you can create an overview of the entire organization, from the colleagues who work there, to information about the departments and locations that exist.

Are there external hauliers associated?

If the company has associated external hauliers, you can easily create a portal for them too – or they can be included in the company portal as well. Here you can also share news and information, share knowledge and handbooks directly to the mobile phone and communicate directly with all the hauliers and drivers. Easy, fast and simple. It is professional and modern.

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