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ZimaOne Workplace

We connect people, knowledge and organization.

Government, City & County

Reach out to all employees throughout the organization and optimize internal collaboration in projects, groups, and departments. This initiative not only makes good sense but also contributes to a better work culture and happier employees.

A common portal for collaboration and stronger human relationships across departments and locations

With a mobile-first solution, you can really reach out to all employees, the project group or the department in a completely new and flexible way. With ZimaOne®, the focus is on the mobile approach, where everyone, regardless of time and place and without a computer, can access knowledge and information that is always close at hand.

The daily feed is the social hub that keeps everyone updated and brings people together

With the daily feed and news distribution, everyone can be part of the community and follow what is happening in the company and with colleagues. It brings people closer together and everyone learns more about what one’s colleagues are doing. It’s a bit like Facebook, only professional with professional tools.

Direct communication with and between all employees

With the direct chat and message system, it is easy, fast and effective to communicate in real time with colleagues. Thereby there is a communication channel which is always open for direct communication or for posting messages. Always at hand.

Work in open or closed workgroups for targeted collaboration and communication

Workgroups are flexible spaces where selected or all employees can have access to specific information and communication. You can create the rooms you want, right from a project, a team, a case, HR or just a sneak-chat room.

Get knowledge out to everyone, directly on the mobile, with the knowledge library and the staff handbook

With the knowledge library, you can build up and give access to important knowledge that helps employees with access to the latest knowledge, know-how and instructions. Everything from the personnel handbook to articles of knowledge of any type, kind and form can be shared here.

Get to know colleagues better and find all contact information at your fingertips

With the organization module, it is possible to find information on all your colleagues such as telephone, email, general information and where they work.

You can also find information about departments, both internal and external departments and locations. Everything at hand, efficient, fast and convenient.

Want to learn more what ZimaOne® can do for your organization?