ZimaOne Workplace

We connect people, knowledge and organization.


Reach out to all the busy employees who are on the move every day – either in the departments or out with the users – with a secure and efficient communication solution that helps to include all employees in everyday life.

An employee app that reaches all employees in the department or organization

With ZimaOne® Workplace, you can use a central mobile app solution to reach all employees who do not have access to a computer on a daily basis in a completely new and exciting way. This connects your entire workforce and everyone can now access news, daily communication and knowledge sharing at their fingertips in an efficient and flexible way.

The daily feed keeps everyone updated on what is happening right now

The daily feed contains all the important information and news on a daily basis that relate to one’s work, both focused and targeted, but also more general information and news. This is also where you can share your own experiences and thereby create a social meeting place with your colleagues for better unity and team spirit.

Significantly streamline collaboration and communication with colleagues, work groups and work teams

Optimize and streamline collaboration in the department or work team using our chat and workgroup system. Here you can communicate in real-time and thus communicate with colleagues, manager, your team or work team in an easy and simple way. This provides a completely new opportunity for an even closer collaboration. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier to reach out to colleagues and the team when you are on the move on a daily basis.

Knowledge is always close at hand – ready for posting and searches

With the knowledge library and personnel handbook at hand, everyone has access to the latest personnel policies and latest knowledge. The knowledge library can be built up with the help of folders and articles, and the sharing of knowledge is expanded easily and smartly with the comment system. In this way, everyone can be part of sharing and giving back important knowledge, to the benefit of everyone in the organization.

Create better cohesion and well-being with the good messages - and thus happier employees

Create better workplaces with greater cohesion and well-being on a daily basis by including and giving employees influence and insight into what happens in the organisation.

It helps to retain and motivate employees and helps to create a more efficient and at the same time more social human workplace. All of which can be seen in employee satisfaction.

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