ZimaOne Workplace

We connect people, knowledge and organization.

Production & Manufactoring

Become more efficient and productive throughout the company – and involve all employees in daily life in a completely new and social way. This results in happier employees and greater transparency in the workplace.

Reach out to all employees throughout production

With the company’s own employee app, the company has a completely new and central platform for fast and efficient communication with all employees, including those in production, and can thereby quickly communicate important messages, initiatives and changes to all or selected employees and teams.

Achieve better communication with production teams and work groups

Med en medarbejder app er det meget nemmere at kommunikere med arbejdshold eller arbejdsgrupper både fra ledelse og ledere, men også imellem de forskellige arbejdshold og arbejdsgrupper. Dermed går vigtig viden og information ikke tabt, men når ud til alle i produktionens forskellige processor.

Knowledge sharing puts information and knowledge at the fingertips of everyone

With the knowledge library, it is possible to share knowledge and know-how all the way to the individual employee. In this way, important knowledge and know-how is shared in a completely new and flexible way, where all employees have access to articles, guides, information and knowledge at their fingertips.

Involve employees in new initiatives, strategies and changes

Bring out the good ideas and involve the employees more in the company’s initiatives, strategies and changes. It helps the business to be more innovative and can help the business navigate faster and more efficiently for the benefit of customers, revenue and the bottom line.

Find information about your colleagues and the organization

With the organization module, it is possible to find information on all your colleagues such as telephone, e-mail, general information and where they work.

You can also find information about departments, both internal and external departments and locations. Everything at hand, efficient, fast and convenient.

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